Dr. James Bromilow has completed formal expert witness training through the Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate. This is the first University accredited expert witness qualification in the UK and includes specialist training in report writing, courtroom skills, cross examination, and civil law and procedure. 

Dr. James Bromilow has over 7 years experience in acting as an expert in clinical negligence claims for both the claimant (55%), defendant (45%) and single joint expert (5%.) He has experience providing oral evidence for Civil Court, Coroner's Court and Professional Tribunals. With over 24 years of clinical expertise, he is well placed to provide expert opinion on a range of different cases involving intensive care medicine (ITU / ICU,) anaesthetics and peri-operative care. The topics that Dr Bromilow would be happy to accept instruction on would include, but not be limited to, the following clinical subjects:

Sepsis, intensive care medicine, ICU, ITU, critical care, resuscitation, tracheostomy, recognition of severity of illness, anaesthetic awareness, medical emergency teams, outreach teams, anaphylaxis, asthma, mechanical ventilation, epidural, spinal, nerve block, meningitis, encephalitis, lumbar puncture, malignant hyperthermia, air embolism, central line, arterial line, acute kidney injury, pressure ulcers, thrombo- prophylaxis, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolus (PE), trauma, pneumothorax, intravenous fluids, end of life care, DNACPR, airway management, hospital acquired infection, AF

Because of his role as Medical Lead for Sepsis and his work with the Academic Health Science Network, Dr. Bromilow has an in-depth knowledge of the recognition and management of sepsis. He has successfully written numerous reports on this topic.

Dr. James Bromilow is happy to provide a range of written reports ranging from initial screening reports to full reports that comply with the civil procedure rules. He enjoys a high percentage of repeat instruction with a number of  prestigious law firms and has written reports on UK, European and International cases. Sample reports can be provided on request.


If you would like to discuss a potential instruction without commitment, please email Dr. Bromilow via the Contact section of the website. 

Recent feedback from Solicitors, "I am exceptionally grateful for the speed in which you delivered your report and the level of detail which went into the preparation" , "I am grateful to you for your detailed, and helpful, report and for identifying the key points in the covering letter."

Curriculum Vitae and Terms of Engagement

Please contact Dr. James Bromilow for an up to date copy of his Medico-legal Curriculum Vitae and his Terms of Engagement for report writing, attendance at pre-trial conferences, expert meetings and court appearances.

From the time all necessary documents are received, Dr. James Bromilow will currently complete and return reports in the following time frame: Screening Reports 3-4 weeks, Full Reports 6-8 weeks.

All medico-legal work is fully indemnified and closed cases are subject to periodic anonymised peer review to ensure high standards are maintained.

Dr James Bromilow expert witness